Dear Friends, Family, and Fellow Building Enthusiasts,

My husband and I embarked on the journey of building a home a few months after our recent marriage.  In the past nine months, we placed my home in Georgetown, Texas on the market -- had a sales contract in four days; got married in Mexico; moved to Weatherford; started and completed construction on our new home with a terrific builder; and have placed his house on the market.

They say if you can survive building a house together, you can survive anything, so we shall see.  It certainly kept me busy and from thinking about missing my daughter, who is a freshman at Texas A&M (whoop); and my framily in Georgetown.

My hope is to give some tips for those considering building a home.  We have been so very fortunate to have a very understanding and patient builder and now that I'm not as stressed about the "expensive items", I can focus on selecting furniture, deciding which wall hangings to keep, and focus on the "frosting and icing" which are the fun things.

This was my husband's first experience with building a home -- note -- he has physically helped build, frame, roof, and so forth on other people's homes, but this was the first of his own.  Our builder gave us all of the flexibility in the world and lots of options... and then some.

Ideally, we would have decided the floor plan, layout, modifications, finishes, etc., PRIOR to signing a contract.  However, we took a speculation home -- that the slab had been poured and made some major modifications..... but in the end we are very pleased.  There are some things that we would change, but as our builder's father stated, our builder is in his sixth house, and our builder is finally satisfied with his home.

My hope is to encourage anyone that is building a new home and help prepare them for the journey and minimize costs while getting what they want.

Good luck!


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